Anger Management Coloring Journal Kit

Numerous studies reveal we can control our anger through prayer, reflection, and keeping a journal. Being mindful of our actions and reactions is the first step to changing behavior.

Help your audience take that first step forward on their anger management journey using this PLR Coloring Journal Kit in 2 versions, one with Bible study templates and the other with Generic templates. 

Although these templates target anger management, you can easily create other journals. Just by changing the quotes, the prompts, and the images, you can create journals in evergreen niches like Stop Smoking, Get Into Fitness, Goal Planning, Healthy Diet, and more.

The kit includes 4 PowerPoint files, each with 28 slides, in both color and grayscale formats. You can edit these as you wish. 

The templates include 10 Bible verses, 10 public domain anger quotes, 10 journal pages with patterns to color in, 2 prayer pages, 2 goal pages, a weekly anger management tracker, a weekly reflections page, journal pages with watermark images, title page, copyright page, and 2 text files of the Bible verses and public domain quotes. 

Here is a closer look at what you get with the Bible themed version:

Anger Bible Verses

Here is the generic version with public domain quotes:

You also get 11 images that you can use in your journal. These are 300 dpi PNG images.

flower images

You can modify the templates by changing the fonts and colors, adding more Bible verses or other anger quotes, adding additional images, and adding new pages to create journals of any length. Or you can create lots of journals in evergreen niches too. The bulk of the work is done for you! 

PLR Rights:

  • You CAN create UNLIMITED products for your own personal use.
  • You CAN create UNLIMITED products to sell as printable PDF files in your Etsy store, on your own website or sell the COMPLETED journals/planners as hard copies on Amazon or anywhere else you like.
  • You CAN give your COMPLETED products away (as gifts, as lead magnets, as a bonus, etc.)
  • You CAN use the images in an UNLIMITED number of products as you like without attribution.

The only restrictions are that you CANNOT: 1) give away or sell the PLR to this package 2) give away or sell the source files (templates or graphics). They must be incorporated into a product you create.

Refund Policy:

Due to the nature of PLR content, no refunds are offered. The product is clearly represented on the sales page so buyers are aware of exactly what they will be receiving before purchasing.

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